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Dr. Mark A. Smith

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Apocalyptic Cults

First Encounter Pierre was on his way to visit a church when he saw the huge sign: “Judgment Day, May 21, 2011. The Bible guarantees it!” Pierre wondered what he should do if the message were true. It seemed that there would be no reason to send his children to...

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Prosperity Gospel

First Encounter William was watching Benny Hinn on television. Hinn told about how he and another preacher had held a healing service. He said that so many people got healed and left their wheel chairs that the empty wheel chairs were in the way. William wondered if...

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Eastern Lightning

First Encounter Shang Hui was a pastor in China. He began to hear of people leaving the church to join the Church of Almighty God. Even his parents had joined them. When he met the cult members, they said, “God’s name was Jehovah, but then it was Jesus on earth. God...

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