Dr. Danny McCain

Dr. Danny McCain

Curriculum Writer

Danny is the founder and International Ambassador of Global Scholars (formerly International Institute for Christian Studies), a USA-based organization that helps to recruit and place Christian academics in public universities around the world. He has personally worked in Nigeria universities since 1988 and, since 1991, has served in the Department of Religion and Philosophy in the University of Jos, as Professor of Biblical Theology. His formal education includes a BA (Biblical Education); MA (Bible); MA (Theology) and PhD (New Testament Interpretation).

In 1988 Prof. McCain developed a two-year part-time training program for pastors and church leaders in two public universities in Nigeria which has trained hundreds of Christian leaders and laymen. In addition, since 1994 he has worked closely with the Nigerian Ministry of Education at state and federal levels, conducting seminars and developing material for teachers of Christian Religious Education (CRE). He has also been in the forefront of developing and promoting faith-based approaches to the HIV and AIDS crisis for public schools. He is currently leading a team of African scholars cooperating with the US-based Ancient Manuscript Group in working with ancient Hebrew, Greek and Latin documents.

Prof. McCain has written or co-authored over 25 books and manuals. Some of his books include textbooks like Notes on Old Testament Introduction, Notes on New Testament Introduction, We Believe I and II, and Understanding and Applying the Scriptures, books on leadership like Two Models of Leadership for Kingdom Building and Tough Tests for Top Leaders, books of sermons like Living Messages and Millennium Messages and other inspirational books like Serving God Away From Home and Lord Lift Me Up.

Danny McCain and his wife, Mary, have lived in Nigeria since 1988 where they reared their three children.

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