Dr. Stephen Gibson

Dr. Stephen Gibson

Curriculum Writer

Steve is the son and grandson of pastors. He is married and has six children and several grandchildren. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Steve has served in various positions at several colleges, including Kiev Wesley Bible College, Union Bible College, Wisconsin International University, God’s Bible School and College, Lael College, and Allegheny Wesleyan Bible College. He graduated from Union Bible College with a Th.B., from Wesley Biblical Seminary with an M.A. in Theology, from Louisiana Baptist University with an M.A. in Biblical Studies, and from Grace Theological Seminary with a D. Min.

Books Steve has written include The Prosperity Prophets (English & Russian); Steps of Grace (Russian, English, Spanish, & French); The Sincerity of God: A Demonstration of the Wesleyan Promise Hermeneutic; and Practical Christianity, a course for discipleship (English, Russian, & Chinese).

Steve currently serves as director of Holiness Pilgrim Mission, with churches in Ukraine, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic and is adjunct professor of missiology at God’s Bible School and College.

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