As a pastor I have a growing awareness of the church’s responsibility to teach men and women to be mature Christian leaders in the world.  I also realize there is only so much one can systematically do on Sunday mornings especially with the equal responsibility to evangelize and be pastoral in those services.

Even before we heard about SGC God had given us a burden to raise up men and women through more intense training.   I was so excited when Tim sent me a course from SGC.  It seems as though this is a perfect fit for churches who long to train people at a higher level of christian instruction within a church context.  We look forward to partnering with SGC to utilize their resources in our local church.

Troy Keaton

Pastor, Eastlake Community Church, Moneta VA

Last night I finished reading the courses for Shepherds Global Classroom…  Wow!  These are nothing if not comprehensive, (including all or nearly all information on all topics considered) and thorough (not superficial but done with great care and completeness).  And interesting!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this amazing compilation of truth, illustrations, and foundational knowledge of the Scripture.  Anyone, genuinely saved, who completes what you have done and what you plan to do will be equipped to be an extraordinary pastor!

Dr. Connie Palm

Educator, Missionary

I really appreciate your endeavor, brother, and like the materials: simple approach, but profound enough to help the reader to experience the profoundness of God’s Word.

I feel that something is truly missing… pastors and church leaders here [in Vietnam] openly express that knowledge is not that crucial and vital… my son often questions me why many questions he addresses are not answered, and the miracles and healing are used as generic keys to daily life problems.

church leader in Vietnam

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