The Bench

by May 6, 2017General Ministry

Developing the “Bench”

A sports teams has a bench full of players who are not always on the field. They may be younger and less experienced than the leading players, but they are in training. Some of them have special abilities that are needed at certain times.

A healthy, growing church should have a “bench.”

It is a mistake to think that because the leadership positions are filled, the team is complete. If the ministry grows, more leaders will be needed. To look at it another way, the ministry probably will not grow until you have new leaders to help start things.

Ministry training is not just for full-time professionals. A healthy church should have many people on the “bench” who are developing and practicing. That requires local training.

The Apostle Paul told Timothy to train faithful men who would be able to teach others (2 Tim. 2:2). Certainly he wanted gospel truth to be perpetuated through all generations, but there is another reason for this direction. Ministry training should happen locally.

SGC courses are one means of accomplishing local training.

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