The Cherkasy Center

by May 8, 2017General Ministry

Novi Obri (New Horizons) is a ministry based in Cherkasy, Ukraine, and directed by Vitaliy Yevtoshenko. Vitaliy is unique in his environment. He holds Wesleyan beliefs, and thus appreciates our doctrine, yet avoids needless controversy and is able to minister to all evangelicals.

Vitaliy’s special gift is connecting people with sources and media of training, ministering to an incredible variety of needs with a variety of materials. He has participated in:

  • recovery of burned-out pastors,
  • training for government chaplains,
  • material for Christian teaching in public schools,
  • leadership seminars,
  • church planting resources, and
  • ministry focused on men’s issues.

He organizes and hosts seminars and retreats to connect people with training sources.

Novi Obri has partnered with the Holiness Pilgrim Mission to make the SGC courses available in Ukraine. They see the courses as extremely valuable for what they already do. They not only use them in their own training sessions, but they also present the courses to leaders of church associations and training institutes.

We do not pay anything for the office or staff in Cherkasy, but they serve our cause as well as if they were a branch office for us.

As Vitaliy looked through the course World Religions and Cults, he said,

“I can get these used by church planters and other ministries everywhere, but they can’t pay a normal price for them.”

He also told us that he could use 600 copies of the course in the coming year in the groups he will train personally.

We print the courses in Cherkasy. We started printing the courses in quantities of 100 to get them introduced, but now print 1,000 at a time. The sixth course in Russian has been translated, but not all six have been printed in large quantities yet. Our next one to print will be Ministry Leadership.

In October, 2016, the office in Cherkasy hosted our first training session for use of the courses, attended by representatives of several churches. That training session was conducted in English and Russian.

Novi Obri is an example of what can be done through a relationship with a nationally-based ministry that shares our vision.

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