Why SGC?

IMG_7695There is a great need for easy to understand, relevant, culturally flexible, interesting, affordable, and thoroughly scriptural bible school level curriculum for local churches and theological training institutions around the world.

While Christian discipleship curriculum is readily available and accessible for much of the worlds population, higher level theological and practical-ministry curriculum is not.

Where bible college level training is available around the world it is often financially, linguistically, practically (especially for older adults) and logistically inaccessible. SGC will be able to go where traditional and online institutions cannot.

Pastors and missionaries around the world feel the need to engage promising leaders in an intensive spiritual training program at the local level.

There is a need for a theological training program primarily focused on the spiritually mature and biblically literate, rather than on the academically qualified (those who have a highschool diploma).

There is a need for theological curriculum which is Christ-centered and which can serve a broader representation of His body around the world.

There are thousands of churches and small bible colleges around the world which need the simple but comprehensive (no text books required) curriculum we will offer.

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